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Wow the place is spotless clean, the restroom as well. No need to get quarters when you can pay with credit card.

First time here and will definitely be coming back! Machines are very big and super clean! I was surprised with how much can fit in the machines! While here, saw a guy cleaning and dusting the machines. Makes me feel good that the machines are clean. Prices are great too.

Aside from the variety of machines, the staff are amazing at all times of the day. The younger gentleman working in the afternoons/evenings is very personable and approachable who assisted me with a dryer issue. Overall, recommend this location.

I've never been to a cleaner laundromat in my life! This place is clean, well lit and all the machines are updated and work well.

I usually do my own laundry, but I had some large items (2 blankets) that I dropped off here. All came out great. Prices were very reasonable. The staff here all are very friendly. I worked with a guy called David. Also worth mentioning is that this laundromat is VERY clean.

Recently, I started going to this laundry mat when it comes to my bigger items that I can't fit inside the machines at my apartment building- ( bedding, sheets, blankets, ect). Overall, its a great location with plenty of machines in various sizes. Personally speaking, the real reason why I come to this location is because the machines accepts debit/credit cards as a form of payment.